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Suggestive Bible search

As you start typing your Bible search criteria the site starts searching for Bible verses that exactly match and return these as suggestions. These suggestive Bible search results appear in a dropdown below the search field, and can be clicked to return that verse, and other similar Bible passages on the results page.

These dropdown results are going to be effected by several "search settings".

Suggestion Results
This determines how many results will be auto-suggested. The available options are are five, ten and twenty.

Suggestion Type
This is the setting that determines how Bible passages will be displayed in the suggestion dropdown box.

Only Show Matched of Right
This selection will set the dropdown to show only the part of the passage section that you have matched along with and the rest of the verse text to the right.

For Example: if you type "flint" dropdown results will return showing as:

flint - Deuteronomy 8:15
flint I have made your forehead - Ezekiel 3:9

Show Full Verse Text
This selection will set the dropdown to show the entire section of the passage that you have matched. (Note sections are separated by periods and semicolons.) This type can also be activated by placing a space as the first character of your search.

For Example: if you type "flint" results will return showing as:

He brought water for you out of the rock of flint - Deuteronomy 8:15
Like emery harder than flint I have made your forehead - Ezekiel 3:9

Word by Word Suggestions
This feature preemptively helps with spelling, by doing word by word suggestions that will appear if no passage results are found to auto-suggest. This field allows you to turn this feature on or off.

Search Range
This field allows you to limit your search of Bible verses to a range of books on both the auto-suggestion dropdown list as well as on the results page.

View Results in
This selection determines what your default Bible translation will be. The translation selected, will also be the translation that will be matched to create the auto suggestion list. This is also the translation that passages will appear in on the results page.

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